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Breeder's Right comprises the following acts in respect of propagating material of the protected variety:
. production or reproduction (multiplication)
. conditioning for the purpose of propagation
. offering for sale
. selling or other marketing
. exporting
. importing
. stocking
The PBR also covers:
. harvested material or products produced directly from that material, if the breeder had no possibility of exercising of his right to seed material of the protected variety
. seed material of ornamental and fruit plants, if it is reused for commercial purposes as:
  - reproduction material for the propagation of ornamental plants, or
  - cut flower, or
  - seed material of trees, shrubs and perennials
. varieties:
  - derived, discovered or developed from a protected initial variety which is not a derived variety,
  - which are not clearly distinct from the protected variety,
  - in case of which the production of seed material requires repeated use of the protected variety