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AGRICULTURAL AND VEGETABLE PLANTS (eur-lex.europa.eu/en/index.htm)

The European Commission compiles, on the basis of the Member States National Lists, the Common Catalogue of Varieties of Agricultural Plant Species (CCA)/ and the Common Catalogue of Varieties of Vegetable Species (CCV).

Varieties included in the CCA/CCV are freely marketable within the Community. 

The common catalogues with their supplements are published in the Official Journal of the EU:

CCA - 37. complete edition: OJ C 13; 11.01.2019
  Suplements to CCA:
    A - 37.1 - OJ C 64; 18.02.2019
    A - 37.2 - OJ C 81; 04.03.2019
    A - 37.3 - OJ C 113; 25.03.2019
    A - 37.4 - OJ C 173; 20.05.2019
    A - 37.5 - OJ C 205; 17.06.2019
CCV - 37. complete edition: OJ C 467; 28.12.2018
  Suplements to CCV:
    H - 37.1 - OJ C 71; 25.02.2019
    H - 37.2 - OJ C 98; 14.03.2019
    H - 37.3 - OJ C 175; 21.05.2019
    H - 37.4 - OJ C 204; 17.06.2019

Common List of Fruit Plant Varieties - FRUMATIS
(Fruit Reproductive Material Information System)

On the basis of national vatriety registers of fruit genera and species, the Commission draws up an EU variety register to improve the traceability and promote the dissemination of information on the varieties that can be marketed in the EU.

This List is not officialy published in the EU Official Journal, however it is available at the following address: https://ec.europa.eu/food/sites/food/files/plant/docs/plant-variety-catalogues_frumatis-eu-list.xlsx